Frequently Asked Questions


Where do our Pavers come from?

We import our premium grade natural stone pavers from turkey.  Turkey is known to have the highest quality stone and is the preferred choice of Elegant.

How thick are our Pavers?

Elegant Pavers start at 1 1/4” thick.  Coping is 1 1/4” or 2” thick.

Can our Pavers be used in cold weather climates?

Yes, Pavers can withstand cold weather conditions given that they are premium grade and have been installed properly. Our products have passed third party laboratory tests for freeze/thaw cycle performance without any cracking.

How do I take care of my natural stone Pavers?

The pavers should be kept free of debris and should be rinsed with water periodically to keep their natural beauty and elegant look.

Can you use our pavers over an existing pool deck?

Yes, the existing deck acts as the foundation for laying of the  pavers. It is just another method of applying a base. You may also Sand-set.

Does natural stone stain?

No. If basic maintenance is done, Natural Stone will not stain. In the event it was not maintained properly, Elegant can recommend the proper product to remove the stain.

Can we offer testing results? Does this make it Premium Grade?

Yes, every year Elegant Tile and Stone ships samples off for laboratory testing to ensure our material is Premium Grade and suitable for the northern climates that we operate in. This sets us apart from our competitors in that we can offer these testing results where others merely advertise the product as being premium grade when in actuality is only a standard or commercial quality material.