June 17, 2013 2:11 PM

A Finer Alternative to Bluestone: Marble Pavers

Elegant Cloud Marble Pavers
Elegant Cloud Marble Pavers

 Marble Paver Patio

Elegant Bianco Marble Pavers. Cool to the touch and slip free!

Elegant Tile and Stone has worked with many architects, masons, landscape designers and pool builders across the United States providing thousands of square feet of material. One of the biggest complaints we hear when dealing with a new project is in regards to Bluestone. Bluestone is a natural stone sandstone that typically can be found right here in the United States. The product however offers one disadvantage. When used as a patio or around a pool as a deck the stone in direct sunlight will retain heat. This makes it very difficult (and even painful) to walk on in the months where you would expect to get the most use out of it. Elegant has seen Bluestone reach up to almost 140 degrees Fahrenheit over long periods. For the family that has children or the couple looking to relax by the pool this seems like a difficult challenge to overcome.

Many homeowners like the look of the stone but never thought to ask if they would be able to walk on it after it has been sitting in the sun. You can’t block the sun from your backyard so what can you do? Elegant offers the solution with our line of Marble Pavers as a more elegant and equal cost alternative to any Natural Bluestone paver. Offered in four unique colors the Marble Paver does not retain heat even in direct sunlight in tropical climates, while also passing Freeze/Thaw cycle testing for northern climates. This makes them superior to any Bluestone paver because it allows you to enjoy your investment all year round.

Blue Marble Pavers

Elegant Blue Marble Pavers in French Pattern. The perfect alternative to Bluestone!

Combine their lack of heat retention with their non-slippery surface and you now have a much better investment for your patio or pool deck. But marble isn’t slippery? Well technically this is true but our marble pavers are tumbled. This gives their surface an uneven texture that not only passes Slip Co testing but also makes them LESS slippery when wet! The tumbling process provides minor alterations to the stones surface allowing for more improved traction whether barefoot or in sneakers and shoes. Knowing this you are just one step away from avoiding a huge mistake by using Bluestone pavers for your backyard. Visit our Marble Paver selection to choose what color works best for your home.

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