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Four Ways to Use Travertine Pavers Outdoors

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Travertine Pavers have become a very popular product for use in exterior design by high end firms and builders. The natural qualities and benefits of the product make it ideal for use as a home improvement option. With our product offered nationwide we thought it prudent to stir those creative juices and give you some popular ideas for your next home project. Here are four different ways you can use Travertine Pavers to heighten the elegance and beauty of your outdoor living area.
1) The Travertine Paver Pool

Travertine Paver Pool Deck

Elegant Silver Travertine Pavers used to create a beautiful pool deck.

The pool in any backyard is the centerpiece and showing it off with stamped concrete will not do. Would you put fake flowers on your dining room table? We didn’t think so either. Designers and pool builders are able to create beautiful pools in too many shapes, styles and sizes to list. Offering many options for these creationists, Elegant is able to suit any design that could be imagined. The travertine pavers themselves absorb the water in their slightly porous surface while at the same time adding resistance preventing any slipping. The pavers also do not retain heat in the warm months allowing easy passage across them without burning your feet like other products. With the safety and security of your pool resolved your architect, designer, builder is able to offer the travertine pool of your dreams. Elegant offers 12” x 72” treads for long rectangular shaped pools. Standard sizes come in 12” x 24” and if the pool requires radius cuts Elegant offers smaller sizes in 4” x 9” and 6” x 12”. Looking for a custom designed cover box? Elegant offers travertine custom fabricated slabs that can create large pieces up to 8’ long to suite your design needs.

Travertine Paver Patio

Elegant Noce Travertine Pavers as a back patio.

2) The Travertine Paver Patio

The patio is the source for any social gathering at home. Entertaining company or just relaxing, your patio should make a statement about your home. Travertine Pavers are offered by Elegant in a few patterns with the most popular being the French Pattern. Staying cool to the touch in sunlight and passing freeze/thaw cycle testing make them perfect for any climate across the United States. Offered in many sizes and colors, let Elegant help make your next Home Improvement project the right one with a Travertine Paver patio.
3) The Travertine Paver Walkway

Travertine Paver Walkway

Elegant Gold Travertine Pavers as a walkway from house to pool.

Many homeowners are constantly looking to improve the curb appeal on their home. Adding travertine pavers to any walkway whether in the front of the house or back brings a stable and secure option for any home. Each of our paver colors pass Slip Co. making sure they are safe to traverse even when wet. With multiple sizes and even treads to create matching steps the travertine paver is not only stylish, but safe and will even add value to your home.
4) The Travertine Paver Retaining Wall
Some backyard designs call for a retaining wall to prevent erosion over the years. Travertine Pavers offer the perfect choice for the retaining wall due to their naturally porous surface and durable quality. With many sizes to choose from any potentially unsightly retaining wall can be enhanced with the use of Travertine Pavers.

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