April 21, 2013 10:23 AM

The Dangers of Commercial Grade Material


There are hundreds of quarries across the globe mining travertine and marble productsNatural stone pavers are most popularly mined from Turkey, Italy, Spain, China, Iran, Mexico and Peru.  It can be a daunting task when first entering the natural stone industry to understand the differences between these countries and the products they export.  A basic grading system was instituted to help to differentiate the qualities of the natural stone products you can receive from each of these countries.   The lowest quality pavers are referred to as commercial grade and the highest quality are referred to as premium grade.

Most distributors claim to only work with premium grade natural stone products.  The reality is this is not the case.  By offering a cheaper material to meet a price point, distributors are able to boost sales while accepting none of the responsibility for the stone itself.  This appears to be a good deal when discussing price but instead poses many financial risks to customers.  The commercial grade’s lower quality is something Elegant’s customers should know and understand.

Commercial Grade White Travertine

Commercial Grade travertine pavers showing a much more pitted less durable surface. Installing could potentially risk your investment in the Northeast.

Commercial grade stone develops over its life with far more pockets of air or pitts.  These pitted holes when cut and processed at the quarries are then reflected on the pavers.  The quality and nature of the stone become compromised when evaluated by industry standard Freeze/Thaw, Slip Co and PSI Pressure testing.  Unknowing to the customers who purchased the stone, it will eventually require maintenance and replacement.   These further costs will now greatly out price anything a premium grade paver would have originally provided.

The premium grade paver is offered by Elegant in nine brilliant colors.  They have a noticeably cleaner, less pitted surface for a more elegant look.  Every color has passed all three industry standard tests and is perfectly suited for the Northeastern climate.  Offering the pavers at one and a quarter inch thick, Elegant also provides twenty five percent more paver than most other competitors.  Having piece of mind that your investment is of the highest quality is something Elegant prides itself in.

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