March 21, 2013 10:23 AM

Why Travertine or Marble Pavers?

Bianco Marble Pavers
Bianco Marble Pavers

Travertine and Marble pavers have made the transition to the New Jersey and New York area over the past decade.  Made originally popular in Florida, they offer a beautiful yet durable surface to call your own.  These pavers are most popular indoors or as walkways, patios, decks and pools.  Elegant Tile and Stone is proud to offer these pavers in nine vibrant colors.


Premium Grade Tumbled Travertine Pavers NJ

Elegant Premium Grade Tumbled Silver Travertine Pavers


Elegant Noce

Elegant Ivory

Elegant Gold

Elegant Scabas

Elegant Silver

Premium Grade Tumbled Beige Marble Pavers NJ

Elegant Premium Grade Tumbled Beige Marble Pavers


Elegant Blue

Elegant Bianco

Elegant Beige

Elegant Cloud


Each paver has specific qualities that make them premium grade.   After developing over thousands of years their color will never fade, guaranteeing a long lasting look.  Basic rinsing with water ensures a clean, elegant surface for decades.  As these pavers have a distinct color and surface they do not retain heat and so remain cool to the touch in direct sunlight.  This makes them perfect for exterior applications.  Testing is performed to ensure exterior stability on each color paver to ensure industry standard quality.  Pavers are first required to pass the Slip Co test to make sure the paver has a safe non-skid surface.  The second test is the Freeze/Thaw, which ensures the stone will not crack or break when repeatedly frozen and thawed.  The last test is the PSI Pressure test which evaluates the stones pressure capacity before breaking.  Passing these tests, the paver offers a product with little to no maintenance required if installed properly.  With a brand new look your property has now risen greatly in value based on your investment, leaving you with a worry free design.

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