February 21, 2013 10:22 AM

Relief from Hurricane Sandy; Travertine and Marble Pavers

Hurricane Sandy damage in southern New Jersey
Hurricane Sandy damage in southern New Jersey

Noce travertine pavers located in NJ

Noce Travertine Pavers

The Tri-State area is still feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy months after it has passed.  Many homeowners in the New Jersey and New York coastal areas suffered tremendous damage to their property.  Wooden decks and patios were torn from their foundations and houses were crippled under the storms winds.  Those people fortunate enough to only suffer exterior damage still need to overcome the challenge of rebuilding.  With many clients in the area Elegant Tile and Stone sent representatives to survey the damages.  What we found was our travertine and marble pavers were the only installations that did not suffer any damages.  How could this be possible when so much damage happened in many cases right next door?

To answer the question a deeper look into the history of travertine and marble pavers is necessary.  These paver products which originally became popular in the Florida area show insight into their stability and security.  The total number of Florida hurricanes encompasses over 480 tropical or subtropical storms. More storms hit Florida than any other U.S. state, and since 1851 only eighteen hurricane seasons passed without a storm impacting the state.  In the most hurricane affected state in the country travertine and marble pavers stand the test of time and durability.  By offering them at the premium grade level to pass industry standard testing, Elegant has brought these pavers to the Tri-State area.

Hurricane Sandy damage in southern New Jersey

Hurricane Sandy damage in Ocean County, New Jersey

With peace of mind for our clients our travertine and marble pavers offer a prudent option for those people looking to repair their exterior damage.  Knowing your travertine or marble patio is able to withstand some of the worst winds and rain the area has seen is something Elegant is proud to state.  Homeowners were not the only people who suffered however.  Many contractors and builders in the area have become overwhelmed as they try to satisfy the demand of repairs and re-installation of damaged property.  By installing Elegant’s premium grade travertine or marble pavers contractors can focus on growth and progression while their competitors rebuild and recover.  Elegant’s current contractors in the area have already accepted new clients who are interested in making the smart investment with our pavers.  Visit our Products page to see a list of the nine colors of travertine and marble Elegant offers and make the switch to the exterior paver for your patio, deck or pool.  With two major hurricanes, Irene in 2011 and Sandy in 2012 it’s time to save yourself the headache and enjoy peace of mind.

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