Paver Home Improvement

One of the most trending Home Improvement options is the natural stone paver.  Re-designing your front walkway or back patio and pool increases appeal and resale value.  With these redesigned areas you can transform your home exactly the way you want it.  Elegant’s premium grade stone has a variety of patterns and designs to offer a unique and customized look to every project.  With more and more homeowners moving their entertainment and recreation outdoors it offers a beautiful and worry free option.

The stone itself lends a natural look to your landscaping and outside architecture.  With nine available travertine and marble pavers to select, the options for improvement broaden considerably.  The quality of this improvement is found by examining each paver.  Every paver measures at one and a quarter inch thick, offering twenty five percent more than most competitors.  Your home improvement is now complete with a premium grade product you can feel confident in.

From natural stone walkways to patios, decks and even pools, there are many exterior areas that can benefit from a premium grade paver.  Our pavers are specifically made of travertine or marble and come with a tumbled finish.  They range from sizes 8” x 8” to as large as 24” x 24”.  Pool coping and custom cuts are also available offering our clients the power of choice in material and design.  Pavers require no maintenance, and cleaning is relatively simple, making them a perfect addition to your home.  This quality upgrade offers at times a substantial increase in property value.  Clients have seen $50,000 to $100,000 increases through the installation of these premium grade pavers.  Visit our Products page to pick the color for your newest Home Improvement.

Elegant Silver Travertine Pavers

Elegant Silver Travertine Pavers







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